Why should I visit Ibiza

The White Island

The Balearics’ most famous export, Ibiza has a vast and colourful history. For decades Ibiza was largely known for its hedonistic dance and hippy scene but now a discerning, cosmopolitan crowd come for much more than just banging beats and bongos.


Stunning sun drenched beaches and picture perfect villages all make for a truly unique holiday destination. As you step off the plane you’ll feel the energy here is different from anywhere else in the world, guaranteed. A huge part of the appeal is to having the best of both worlds side by side to leave you feeling a million miles away yet never too far from the action,


Emma from EC Villas fell in love at first site ‘I first came here when i was 18 like many others and have been coming back most years until I made the move to call Ibiza home. When I have time to myself in the summer i love to head up to the North of the island, the villages of San Juan and San Carlos are so pretty and close to some amazing coves and beaches far from the more crowded ones in the south in high season. After a siesta on the beach I like to drive back past Santa Agnes to pick up the best tortilla on the island before heading for sunset at Heaven’s Gate, it’s stunning!’


As the birthplace of EC Villas and where our core team live, our hearts will always be in Ibiza. We’re based here all year round and are happy to let you in on some of our secret spots. Enjoy our day guide recommendations and we look forward to seeing you here.

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