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Ibiza Anthems

Naturally any list of Ibiza anthems could elicit its fair share of verbal fisticuffs. After all, one man’s Daft Punk is another man’s Sia. No doubt this season will reveal some A grade, top-shelf, musical gold to add to the classics list, but in the meantime here are a few faves from years gone by to bring back memories…if you can actually remember anything!


Wham, Club Tropicana, 1983

This blog wouldn’t be complete without us paying tribute to the late George Michael. George’s love for Ibiza was strong. The iconic Pikes Hotel was home for the famous Club Tropicana music video,  “where strangers take you by the hand and welcome you to wonderland” and where there’s “fun and sunshine”. We love you George!

A Guy Called Gerald, Voodoo Ray, 1988

With a touch of African beats and cowbells plus that vocal everyone tried to imitate, was this the song we all lost our Ibiza virginity to?

808 State, Pacific State, 1989

Who doesn’t have some memory of jumping in a car after a night of dancing and driving towards a beach to catch the sunrise listening to this total, undeniable slice of classic Balearic bliss?

Primal Scream, Loaded, 1990

It’s hard to pick a Primal Scream song but this one was probably the most lip synched to while driving around Britush towns saving up for a trip to Ibiza. We want to be free! To do what we want to do! We’re gonna have a party!

Saint Etienne, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, 1991

So Frenchy, so chic, yet so Ibiza. This ethereal paean to young love elicited lots of hand twirling back in the day – featured heavily in the cult Ibiza documentary A Short Film About Chilling.

The Farm, All Together Now, 1991

One of those classic, last songs of the night. Everyone loved up and smiling, becoming best friends with the whole dance floor.

The Prodigy, Everybody In The Place, 1991

Some might pick Smack My Bitch Up or Firestarter as the Prodigy track to include on any list but really, it all started right here.

Underworld, Born Slippy, 1995

It spoke to a generation. It was seminal. It still gives goose bumps.

Chemical Brothers, It Began In Afrika, 2001

Yeah, so there are loads of Chemical Brothers tracks that should be on this list… whatchagonnado?

Groove Armada, Superstylin’, 2001

Who didn’t memorise this? Rise and amplify!

Frankie Knuckles, Workout, 1992

Any Frankie track will do. Miss you big fella.


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